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  • Ben Amara Jonsson, Nadia
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, French.
    Jeux de Rubans par Emna Belhaj Yahia et Les Intranquilles d’Azza Filali2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    This thesis is a literary study based on feminist-social theories of the novels Jeux de rubans by Emna Belhaj Yahia and Les Intranquilles by Azza Filali. The books both analyse the Jasmine revolution in Tunisia. The authors examine the future role of the Tunisian woman and her continuous emancipation and education in a society that is metamorphosing into something new. Both authors study mental troubles and the stress that follows and with an uncertain future of Tunisia. Jeux de rubans and Les Intranquilles examine the themes of discomfort and anxiety that come with living in a turbulent, changing society and with an incertitude of the future. The principal questions are: how the writers treat the central themes of wearing a veil, the emancipation of the Tunisian woman, the divorce and how these themes are connected to the Jasmin revolution? Emna Belhaj Yahia and Azza Filali portrait the female struggle through women’s psychological angle and the effect on the closest ones during the time of the revolution. The political movements are to an extent symbolized by the clothes worn by the main characters.

  • Stridfeldt, Monika
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, French.
    Guichon, Nicolas & Marion Tellier (eds.) (2017), Enseigner l’oral en ligne. Une approche multimodale. Paris: Les Éditions Didier2019In: Moderna Språk, ISSN 2000-3560, E-ISSN 2000-3560, Vol. 113, no 1, p. 263-265Article, book review (Refereed)
  • Lamers, Petrus
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Caring Science.
    Sagnérius, Linda
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Caring Science.
    Prognostiska faktorer för att inte fullfölja multimodal smärtrehabilitering2019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Background: Prolonged pain is common and causes great suffering. Multimodal rehabilitation (MMR) is a treatment method that is offered to patients with complex rehabilitation needs. Treatment adherence is defined how well the patient's behavior is consistent with the recommendations the patient has agreed with his / her health care provider and is of importance for the treatment outcome. Little is known today about prognostic factors for treatment adherence at MMR. Identification of obstacles that can explain why patients do not complete treatment is therefore important in order to be able to optimize the treatment effects.

    Purpose: To investigate which factors were important for the prognosis to not completing MMR 2 treatment in patients with complex long-term pain.

    Method: The project was a prospective cohort study. Study population were patients aged 18–67 years with long-term pain who started an MMR 2 program between 2009–2016, registered in the National Register for Pain Rehabilitation (NRS). Thirty-six variables were available, the outcome measure was to complete or not complete MMR. To identify variables with the greatest importance for treatment adherence, regression models were created with logistic regression. The model's discriminatory ability was tested, and goodness of fit was assessed

    Results: The three most important factors that increased odds of not completing MMR were high MPI-PI, patients in the younger age category and low motivation. The model's discriminatory ability was substandard, goodness of fit was not significant.

    Conclusion: The model cannot predict outcomes on individual level but provides information on which factors historically have been important. In the long term, identification of factors that impair adherence can contribute to adapting MMR programs and thereby create better conditions so that several patients complete the rehabilitation.

  • Ärlebäck, Anna
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Caring Science.
    Maineborn, Carina
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Caring Science.
    Sambandet mellan vidden på rektusdiastas och ländryggs- och bäckensmärta samt rörelserädsla: En kvantitativ tvärsnittsstudie2019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Background: The abdominal muscles play an important part in posture, inner unit stability, breathing, upper body movement, to generate power of the abdominal muscles and in supporting inner organs. Diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles is common during and after pregnancy and might affect these important functions and thereby increase the vulnerability of the lower back and pelvic areas.

    Aim: To determine the correlation between the width of the diastasis recti abdominis and low back- and pelvic pain and the width of diastasis recti abdominis and fear of movement, in women after pregnancy.

    Method: Quantitative cross-sectional study. The amount of participants was 141. The population was women, 20-50 years old, who had given birth, the youngest child between the ages of 1-8 years old and were able to understand Swedish both verbally and in writing. The research participants had a diastasis recti abdominis more than 2 finger-widths, measured 4 cm above the umbilicus. The data collection was made with ultrasound and the questionnaires used were Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) and the swedish version of Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia (TSK-SV). Correlation was analyzed with Spearman’s correlation coefficient. The participants were also divided into two groups based on a cut-off value of the diastasis of 2,4 cm and differences between groups were analyzed with Mann-Whitney U-test.

    Results: No statistical significance in correlation over p = 0,05 was found between the width of the diastasis recti abdominis and any of the pain ratings. However, there was a statistical significant weak positive correlation between the width of the diastasis recti abdominis and fear of movement. Furthermore there was no statistical significance between the groups ≤ 2,4 cm or > 2,4 cm of diastasis recti abdominis and the pain ratings, but a significant difference between the groups and the estimation on fear of movement.

    Conclusion: The study showed that the width of diastasis recti abdominis as alone factor doesn’t have any correlation with low back- and pelvic pain in women after pregnancy. Women with remaining diastasis recti abdominis > 2,4 cm, tended to estimate higher in this study in TSK-SV than those who had ≤ 2,4 cm. Regarding the ratings of the pain, no statistically significant difference between the groups were shown. When meeting these women physiotherapists should not only focus on the pain but also consider factors such as fear of movement and focus their efforts on guiding the women so that the risk of developing fear of movement is reduced.

  • Persson, Anders
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, History.
    Helen Persson, Historia i futurum: Progression i historia i styrdokument och läroböcker 1919–20122019In: Nordic Journal of Educational History, ISSN 2001-7766, E-ISSN 2001-9076, Vol. 6, no 1Article, book review (Other academic)
  • Lundberg, Erik
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Political Science.
    Fostering tolerance and social trust, and preventing value conflicts among young persons: How does school context play a role?2019In: Nordic education in a democratically troublesome time: Threats and opportunities / [ed] Erik Amnå, Örebro universitet , 2019, , p. 2Conference paper (Other academic)
  • Liliansdotter, Betty
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, History.
    Fröken TT debuterar: En studie om de lyssnarreaktioner som inkom till Sveriges Radio när den första kvinnliga nyhetsuppläsaren debuterade 19382017Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree), 5 credits / 7,5 HE creditsStudent thesis
  • Rauhut Kompaniets, Olga
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Technology and Business Studies, Business Administration and Management.
    Rauhut, Daniel
    University of Eastern Finland.
    The Place Marketing Concept of Rural Towns in Northern Sweden: What is the Unique Selling Point?2013In: 53rd Congress of the European Regional Science Association: "Regional Integration: Europe, the Mediterraneanand the World Economy": 27-31 August 2013, Palermo, Italy, European Regional ScienceAssociation (ERSA), Louvain-la-Neuve, 2013Conference paper (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    The place marketing concept is one of the popular concepts to analyze and promote countries, regions, cities and towns. The intensification of competition for investment, tourism and human resources among European cities and towns has increased the importance of being unique. Most of studies on place marketing however focus on the unique selling points and brands of countries, the capitals and the big cities, while rural towns need more marketing attention due to overcoming the lack of material and non-material resources in the towns. This is based on the idea of promotion to target markets of unique selling point of the town.This paper aims to discuss to what extent the place marketing concept as a necessary condition for an effective promotion of 75 rural towns in the seven northernmost regions in Sweden. The paper presents reasons for using the place marketing concept by rural towns in Northern Sweden. Also it contains features of the place marketing concept and its key elements for rural towns, describes the target audience for rural towns with their specific needs and wants.

  • Hu, Lung-Lung
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Chinese.
    The Insanity Plea in The Butcher’s Wife2019In: Open Library of Humanities, ISSN 2056-6700, Vol. 5, no 1Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    In 1983, Li Ang, a Taiwanese writer, adapted a case about the killing of a husband, committed by Zhan Zhou Shi in Shanghai in 1945, into the novel The Butcher’s Wife (1983). The case is also recorded in The Hearsay in Shanghai (1955) written by Chen Ding-Shan. The Butcher’s Wife depicts a woman who, due to her traumatized childhood and psychological condition caused by her husband and neighbours, kills her husband, a butcher, and dismembers the body the way he does pigs. Li Ang’s novel tries to offer a legal explanation to exonerate the butcher’s wife, Lin Shi, through a plea of insanity. In this article, I will compare the case of Zhan Zhou Shi both in the media and in The Hearsay in Shanghai with The Butcher’s Wife to illustrate Li Ang’s reinterpretation of the case and explain how Li Ang goes beyond the insanity pleas that strengthens a stereotypical image of insane female offenders.

  • Swing Gustafsson, Moa
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Technology and Business Studies, Energy Technology. Mälardalens högskola.
    Myhren, Jonn Are
    Dalarna University, School of Technology and Business Studies, Construction.
    Dotzauer, Erik
    Gustafsson, Marcus
    Life cycle cost of building energy renovation measures, considering future energy production scenarios2019In: Energies, ISSN 1996-1073, E-ISSN 1996-1073, Vol. 12, no 14, article id 2719Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    A common way of calculating the life cycle cost (LCC) of building renovation measures is to approach it from the building side, where the energy system is considered by calculating the savings in the form of less bought energy. In this study a wider perspective is introduced. The LCC for three different energy renovation measures, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and two different heat pump systems, are compared to a reference case, a building connected to the district heating system. The energy system supplying the building is assumed to be 100% renewable, where eight different future scenarios are considered. The LCC is calculated as the total cost for the renovation measures and the energy systems. All renovation measures result in a lower district heating demand, at the expense of an increased electricity demand. All renovation measures also result in an increased LCC, compared to the reference building. When aiming for a transformation towards a 100% renewable system in the future, this study shows the importance of having a system perspective, and also taking possible future production scenarios into consideration when evaluating building renovation measures that are carried out today, but will last for several years, in which the energy production system, hopefully, will change.

  • Hashim Al-Rubaye, Nejood
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Arabic.
    لم يعد ثـمّة عطر إلا في القوارير: تحليل بيئي لقصة لميسلون هادي2019In: oudnad - عــــــود الـــنـــــــد, ISSN 1756-4212, Vol. 14Article in journal (Other academic)
    Abstract [ar]

    "اختفى رحيقُ الأرض فلم يعدْ ثـمّة عطر إلا في القوارير" (ميسلون هادي، قصة عطر الوردة).


    تثير فينا قصة "عطر الوردة" لميسلون هادي الرغبة لتأمل حالة البيئة في ظل الأوضاع المعادية للبيئة. فالتدمير، في العراق، لم يقتصر على الإنسان والجوانب المادية وإنما طال حتى البيئة. الحرب المتواصلة منذ سنوات، نشرتْ آلاف الأطنان من المواد السامة على هذا البلد، فلم تنجُ البيئة من التلوث الذي طال الماء والهواء والأرض وجميع المخلوقات. والقصة تتحدث عن هذه الكارثة من خلال النحل وثورته على الإنسان ومحاصرته في منزله وخلف نوافذه. الحرب إذن حاضرة بوصفها سببا ونتيجة لكلّ هذا التدمير الذي أصاب البيئة

  • Conti, Eugenio
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Technology and Business Studies, Tourism Studies. Mittuniversitetet.
    Heldt Cassel, Susanna
    Dalarna University, School of Technology and Business Studies, Human Geography.
    Liminality in nature-based tourism experiences as mediated through social media2019In: Tourism Geographies, ISSN 1461-6688, E-ISSN 1470-1340Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    The intersection between social media, liminality and nature-based tourism experiences hasn't been the focus of previous tourism research. Such intersection, on the other hand, is illustrative of how social media relate to the constitution and performance of tourism spatialities, tourist identities, storytelling and place-making, and can lead to relevant theoretical contributes. We aim to investigate how liminality is expressed in relation to nature-based experiences by tourists on social media, and what role social media plays in mediating liminality during nature-based tourism experiences. The analysis is based on a participatory netnography of images and text posts, as well as online interviews with users of the popular social media Instagram. Findings show that the expression of tourism experiences in nature is closely related to specific notions of liminal otherness as opposed to the urban life and the everyday, where nature and wilderness are expressed as related to the genuine, the authentic and a true inner self. Creative combinations of pictures, captions and hashtags make it easier for tourists to express the contrast between the natural landscape and the everyday landscape once they returned home. These combinations also relate closely to performances of resistant and alternative selves and communities. At the same time, such performances are mediated and contested between freedom of self-expression, surveillance and social norms, an aspect that makes their liminal nature ambiguous.

  • Velders, Matthijs A
    et al.
    Calais, Fredrik
    Dahle, Nina
    Fall, Tove
    Hagström, Emil
    Leppert, Jerzy
    Nowak, Christoph
    Tenerz, Åke
    Ärnlöv, Johan
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Medical Science. Karolinska institutet.
    Hedberg, Pär
    Cathepsin D improves the prediction of undetected diabetes in patients with myocardial infarction2019In: Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, ISSN 0300-9734, E-ISSN 2000-1967, p. 1-6Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Background: Newer therapeutic agents for type 2 diabetes mellitus can improve cardiovascular outcomes, but diabetes remains underdiagnosed in patients with myocardial infarction (MI). We sought to identify proteomic markers of undetected dysglycaemia (impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance, or diabetes mellitus) to improve the identification of patients at highest risk for diabetes. Materials and methods: In this prospective cohort, 626 patients without known diabetes underwent oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT) during admission for MI. Proximity extension assay was used to measure 81 biomarkers. Multivariable logistic regression, adjusting for risk factors, was used to evaluate the association of biomarkers with dysglycaemia. Subsequently, lasso regression was performed in a 2/3 training set to identify proteomic biomarkers with prognostic value for dysglycaemia, when added to risk factors, fasting plasma glucose, and glycated haemoglobin A1c. Determination of discriminatory ability was performed in a 1/3 test set. Results: In total, 401/626 patients (64.1%) met the criteria for dysglycaemia. Using multivariable logistic regression, cathepsin D had the strongest association with dysglycaemia. Lasso regression selected seven markers, including cathepsin D, that improved prediction of dysglycaemia (area under the receiver operator curve [AUC] 0.848 increased to 0.863). In patients with normal fasting plasma glucose, only cathepsin D was selected (AUC 0.699 increased to 0.704). Conclusions: Newly detected dysglycaemia, including manifest diabetes, is common in patients with acute MI. Cathepsin D improved the prediction of dysglycaemia, which may be helpful in the a priori risk determination of diabetes as a motivation for confirmatory OGTT.

  • Gifford, Wendy
    et al.
    Lewis, Krystina B.
    Eldh, Ann Catrine
    Fiset, Val
    Abdul-Fatah, Tara
    Åberg, Anna Cristina
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Medical Science. Uppsala University.
    Thavorn, Kednapa
    Graham, Ian D.
    Wallin, Lars
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Caring Science/Nursing. University of Gothenburg; Karolinska Institutet.
    Feasibility and usefulness of a leadership intervention to implement evidence-based falls prevention practices in residential care in Canada2019In: Pilot and Feasibility Studies, ISSN 2055-5784, Vol. 5, article id 103Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Background: Leadership is critical to supporting and facilitating the implementation of evidence-based practices in health care. Yet, little is known about how to develop leadership capacity for this purpose. The aims of this study were to explore the (1) feasibility of delivering a leadership intervention to promote implementation, (2) usefulnessof the leadership intervention, and (3) participants’ engagement in leadership to implement evidence-based fall prevention practices in Canadian residential care.

    Methods: We conducted a mixed-method before-and-after feasibility study on two units in a Canadian residential care facility. The leadership intervention was based on the Ottawa model of implementation leadership (O-MILe) and consisted of two workshops and two individualized coaching sessions over 3 months to develop leadership capacity for implementing evidence-based fall prevention practices. Participants (n = 10) included both formal (e.g., managers) and informal (e.g., nurses and care aids leaders). Outcome measures were parameters of feasibility (e.g., number of eligible candidates who attended the workshops and coaching sessions) and usefulness of the leadership intervention (e.g., ratings, suggested modifications). We conducted semi-structured interviews guided by the Implementation Leadership Scale (ILS), a validated measure of 12-item in four subcategories (proactive, supportive, knowledgeable, and perseverant), to explore the leadership behaviors that participants used to implement fall prevention practices. We repeated the ILS in a focus group meeting to understand the collective leadership behaviors used by the intervention team. Barriers and facilitators to leading implementation were also explored.

    Results: Delivery of the leadership intervention was feasible. All participants (n = 10) attended the workshops and eight participated in at least one coaching session. Workshops and coaching were rated useful (≥ 3 on a 0–4 Likert scale where 4 = highly useful) by 71% and 86% of participants, respectively. Participants rated the O-MILe subcategories of supportive and perseverant leadership highest for individual leadership, whereas supportive and knowledgeable leadership were rated highest for team leadership.

    Conclusions: The leadership intervention was feasible to deliver, deemed useful by participants, and fostered engagement in implementation leadership activities. Study findings highlight the complexity of developing implementation leadership and modifications required to optimize impact. Future trials are now required to test the effectiveness of the leadership intervention on developing leadership for implementing evidence-based practices.

  • Paidi, Vijay
    Dalarna University, School of Technology and Business Studies, Microdata Analysis.
    Developing decision support systems for last mile transportation problems2019Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    Last mile transportation is the most problematic phase of transportation needing additional research and effort. Longer waits or search times, lack of navigational directions and real-time information are some of the common problems associated with last mile transportation. Inefficient last mile transportation has an impact on the environment, fuel consumption, user satisfaction and business opportunities. Last mile problems exist in several transportation domains, such as: the landing of airplanes, docking of ships, parking of vehicles, attended home deliveries, etc. While there are dedicated inter-connected decision support systems available for ships and aircraft, similar systems are not widely utilized in parking or attended handover domains. Therefore, the scope of this thesis covers last mile transportation problems in parking and attended handover domains. One problem area for parking and attended handovers is due to lack of real-time information to the driver or consumer. The second problem area is dynamic scheduling where the handover vehicle must traverse additional distance to multiple handover locations due to lack of optimized routes. Similarly, during parking, lack of navigational directions to an empty parking space can lead to increased fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Therefore, aim of this thesis is to design and develop decision support systems for last mile transportation problems by holistically addressing real time customer communication and dynamic scheduling problem areas. The problem areas discussed in this thesis consists of persistent issues even though they were widely discussed in the literature. In order to investigate the problem areas, microdata analysis approach was implemented in the thesis. The phases involved in Microdata analysis are: data collection, data processing, data storage, data analysis and decision-making. Other similar research domains, such as: computer science or statistics also involve phases such as data collection, processing, storage and analysis. These research domains also work in the fields of decision support systems or knowledge creation. However, knowledge creation or decision support systems is not a mandatory phase in these research domains, unlike Microdata analysis. Three papers are presented in this thesis, with two papers focusing on parking domains, while the third paper focuses on attended handover domains.

    The first paper identifies available smart parking tools, applications and discusses their uses and drawbacks in relation to open parking lots. The usage of cameras in identifying parking occupancy was recognized as one of the suitable tools in this paper. The second paper uses a thermal camera to collect the parking lot data, while deep learning methodologies were used to identify parking occupancy detection. Multiple deep learning networks were evaluated for identifying parking spaces and one method was considered suitable for acquiring real time parking occupancy. The acquired parking occupancy information can be communicated to the user to address real-time customer communication problems. However, the decision support system (DSS) to communicate parking occupancy information still needs to be developed. The third paper focuses on the attended handovers domain where a decision support system was reported which addresses real-time customer communication and dynamic scheduling problems holistically. Based on a survey, customers accepted the use of mobile devices for enabling a real-time information flow for improving customer satisfaction. A pilot test on vehicle routing was performed where the decision support system reduced the vehicle routing distance compared to the route taken by the driver. The three papers work in developing decision support systems for addressing major last mile transportation problems in parking and attended handover domains, thus improving customer satisfaction, and business opportunities, and reducing fuel costs, and pollution.

  • Diamant, Linda
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Digitaliserad undervisning med fokus på engelska i årskurs 7-9: Några lärares upplevelser kring implementeringen av ett digitaliserat läromedel.2019Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Detta arbete syftar till att undersöka vilka attityder fyra engelsklärare samt en lärare i samhällsorienterande ämnen i årskurs 7-9 har till digitalisering i skolan i allmänhet och ett specifikt digitalt läromedel i synnerhet i samma kommun. Arbetet syftar även till att översiktligt redogöra för de olika roller som krävs för förändring. Semistrukturerade intervjuer med fem lärare i samma kommun, samt med försteläraren i it har genomförts för att undersöka fördelar och nackdelar som kan finnas med ett digitalt läromedel med fokus på engelska. Forskningen som presenteras samt resultaten antyder att en förändring, som digitalisering i undervisningen innebär, kräver engagerade och positiva lärare som ser fördelar med förändringen tydligt. För att lärarna ska bli positivt inställda krävs en engagerad och positiv skolledning. I den aktuella kommunen ser inte lärarna vinsten med förändringen tydligt vilket kan vara en av orsakerna till att förändringsarbetet går tungt. I slutet av arbetet ges några förslag på hur en skolledning skulle kunna arbeta för att underlätta införandet av ett digitalt läromedel.