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  • Willander, Erika
    Uppsala universitet.
    Mellan sekulära och religiösa förväntningar: Civilreligion på individnivå i Sverige2018In: Sociologisk forskning, ISSN 0038-0342, Vol. 55, no 1, p. 53-74Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    In-between Secular and Religious Expectations: Civil Religion at an Individual Level in Sweden

    This article responds to recent calls for reconsidering the concept ‘civil religion’ to advance the understanding of how both religious and secular authorities shape individuals’ attitudes towards the religious. ‘Civil religion’ is defined as set of religious symbols and practices that can be studied at an individual level. The analysis utilized representative survey data collected in 2016–2017 in Sweden. Four basic forms of ‘civil religion’ were identified and justified in relation to expectations held by both religious and secular authorities in Sweden over time. The analysis showed that the identified forms of ‘civil religion’ differ in terms of social class, gender and age. The results are taken to raise further research questions about relationships between high socioeconomic status and criticism of religion and about low socioeconomic status and adherence to religious minorities in Sweden. In addition, it is stipulated that a civil religion approach to religious attitudes might shed new light on questions concerning contemporary covenants and shared ideas about the religious.

  • Udehn, Lars
    Stockholms universitet.
    Kommentarer till ”Vem är teori?”2018In: Sociologisk forskning, ISSN 0038-0342, Vol. 55, no 1, p. 93-97Article in journal (Refereed)
  • Jacobsson, Katarina
    Sveriges Sociologförbund.
    Sociologförbundet har ordet: Sociologidagarna 2018 – sicken succé!2018In: Sociologisk forskning, ISSN 0038-0342, Vol. 55, no 1, p. 109-110Article in journal (Other academic)
  • Sager, Maja
    Lunds universitet.
    An interview with Bridget Anderson2018In: Sociologisk forskning, ISSN 0038-0342, Vol. 55, no 1, p. 99-107Article in journal (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    In the interview Anderson is discussing the migrant as a political and analytical category and the need to think across the categories of citizen and migrant to challenge the exclusion of the latter group – but also to highlight the interconnectedness of processes of social exclusion and marginalisation across the citizen/non-citizen divide. Anderson also reflects on current developments in Europe and the UK in regards of Brexit and the growing support for fascist and extreme right populist movements and political projects.

  • Edling, Christofer
    et al.
    Lunds universitet.
    Eldén, Sara
    Lunds universitet.
    Redaktörerna har ordet2018In: Sociologisk forskning, ISSN 0038-0342, Vol. 55, no 1, p. 3-4Article in journal (Other academic)
  • Recensioner2018In: Sociologisk forskning, ISSN 0038-0342, Vol. 55, no 1, p. 111-115Article, book review (Other academic)
  • Holmqvist, Mikael
    Stockholms universitet.
    Att studera den ekonomiska eliten: problem och utmaningar2018In: Sociologisk forskning, ISSN 0038-0342, Vol. 55, no 1, p. 5-22Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Studying the Economic Elite – Problems and Challenges

    This article presents my experiences of studying Djursholm as Sweden’s ”Leader Community” during 2010 through 2015. I address the relative lack of studies of the economic elite, which is a problem both for the sociological literature, and for public debate. The reason to why relatively few studies have been made of the economic elite, particularly in Sweden, has amongst others to do with a reputation of it as being hard to study, not at least due to this group's often social closure. By proposing examples from my own study, I try to describe how studies of the economic elites can be done with a view of generating more research of this anonymous yet influential group.

  • Forsberg, Håkan
    Uppsala universitet.
    Valet av utbildning på gymnasiemarknaden i socialt tillbakasatta områden2018In: Sociologisk forskning, ISSN 0038-0342, Vol. 55, no 1, p. 23-52Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    School Choice in Ethnically and Socioeconomically Heterogeneous Residential Areas

    This article explores how young peoples´ strategies when choosing upper secondary education are marked by the segregation and marketization of education. Research is limited to five municipalities in southern Stockholm that are characterized by ethnically and socioeconomically heterogeneous residential areas. It is argued that the school choice of all pupils at upper secondary level in this region constitutes a socio-geographical space in which the school market is embedded and operates. This space is explored by means of specific multiple correspondence analyses (specific MCA). Using individual census data on all students in the designated municipalities from 2008, the differences between 4 421 pupils are investigated as regards their parents’ education, income, occupation, services, and national origin, as well as the pupils’ academic merits from comprehensive school. The analysis reveals that, despite a ‘free’ school choice and substantial geographical mobility, pupils’ choices are heavily restricted by local social and demographic conditions, not the least those connected to their acquired and inherited assets.

  • Berggren, Kalle
    Stockholms universitet.
    Vem är teori?: Ett normkritiskt pedagogiskt perspektiv på sociologisk teori2018In: Sociologisk forskning, ISSN 0038-0342, Vol. 55, no 1, p. 75-91Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Who is theory? A norm-critical pedagogical perspective on sociological theory

    Sociological theory is a central part of the sociology discipline, and courses on sociological theory are found on all levels of university teaching in sociology at Swedish universities. However, while sociologists have successfully uncovered power structures in various domains of social life, we have been more reluctant to examine our own teaching practices. In particular, sociological theory has been pinpointed as an area where men’s dominance often perseveres. This is in stark contrast to international research on exclusion and inclusion in processes of canon formation, which shows how there have always been important sociological theorists who have not been white men, but that they have been more or less written out of history. Drawing on such international research on inclusion and exclusion in the construction of sociological theory, as well as on norm-critical pedagogy, and on a mapping of the curriculum at one of Sweden’s universities, this article identifies key aspects in the quest for a more inclusive curriculum.

  • Edling, Christofer
    et al.
    Lunds universitet.
    Eldén, SaraLunds universitet.
    Sociologisk Forskning 2018:12018Collection (editor) (Refereed)
  • Persson, Elin
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Känslor, åsikter och uppfattningar inför matematikundervisningen: En empirisk studie om vilka attityder elever i årkurs 3 uttrycker gentemot undervisningen i matematik2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Studiens syfte var att undersöka elevers attityder till undervisningen i matematik inom årskurs 3, samt vilka delar i undervisningen som kan förknippas med deras attityder. Detta undersöktes med anledningen till att egna erfarenheter av undervisningen i matematik har visats på få variationer och ett dominerande arbete i läroböcker. De metoder som använts för att undersöka detta var en enkät tilldelad till hela klassen och enskilda, halvstrukturerade intervjuer med sex olika elever. Genom den fenomenografiska forskningsansatsen har olika elevsvar analyserats utifrån både enkäterna och intervjuerna, samt identifierat tre olika kategorier som är kopplade till elevernas attityder. Studiens resultat belyser att övervägande del av eleverna uttryckte positiva attityder gentemot undervisningen i matematik, det ansågs vara roligt, de var nöjda med upplägget och de har inga andra önskemål om undervisningen. Däremot framkommer även att ett fåtal elever uttryckt andra känslor i form av negativa attityder. Läroboken verkade ha en stor påverkan på eleverna med negativa attityder. Dessa elever uttryckte även önskemål om undervisningens genomförande och dess innehåll, därför diskuterades även vikten av variation i undervisningen för matematik.

  • Parmenius, Alf
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Läroboksanvändande i matematikundervisningen: Unga elevers uppfattningar och attityder2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Matematikläroboken har potential att användas på flera olika sätt, för att mediera matematiska kunskaper. Trots detta visar forskning att den av ett flertal lärare i olika länder främst betraktas som en källa för övningsuppgifter. Denna studie antar ett elevperspektiv i syfte att skapa kunskap kring unga elevers uppfattningar av läroboksanvändande i matematikundervisningen, och deras attityder till läroboken. En fenomenografisk analys av data insamlad genom intervjuer med elever i årskurserna 1–3 visar på att matematikläroboksanvändandet kan beskrivas utifrån fem olika kategorier:

     Matematikläroboken som individens redskap

     Matematikläroboken som gemensamt redskap

     Matematikläroboken som kompletterat redskap

     Matematikläroboken som konkurrensredskap

     Matematikläroboken som likriktande redskap

    Matematikläroboken är ett redskap som elever använder både individuellt och i samspel med andra, för att utveckla matematiska kunskaper och förmågor. Samtidigt reglerar den vilka matematiska innehåll som ska bearbetas och framförallt

    när dessa innehåll ska bearbetas. Elevers attityder till läroboken varierar från synnerligen positiva till övervägande negativa. Antalet övningsuppgifter och deras upplevda svårighetsgrad associeras med både negativa och positiva attityder beroende på elevers individuella förväntningar och preferenser.

  • Predoianu, Christian
    Dalarna University, School of Technology and Business Studies, Information Systems.
    Utvärdering av tillgängligheten i samarbetsprojektet RIGES: Utvärdering av Örnsköldsviks kommuns eTjänst för bygglov2017Independent thesis Basic level (university diploma), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    A digitized community development automatically leads to the development of adaptation to as many categories of users as possible. Accessibility and guidelines for these therefore play an important role in the development of different eServices.

    The purpose of the study is to investigate how accessibility is available to the end user group in the eService for the construction permit at municipality of Örnsköldsvik which the cooperation project RIGES has developed, if the eService for the construction permit complies with the accessibility criteria WCAG 2.0, level AA and possibly level AAA and what needs to be done to achieve accessibility.

    The data collection has been done to then be analyzed by a user test where five users could navigate around the eService of the construction permit. The user test has been complemented with an online accessibility test (PTS web tool) as well as description and navigation of the eService of the construction permit using screenshots. An Interview with Örnsköldsviks representative for RIGES has also been made. The combination of these methods has been linked to the theoretical part, which has resulted in a broad understanding of how accessibility for the eService looks like.

    The survey of the eService for the construction permit showed that the test subjects’ experience of the eService was positive. This was due to the fact that most test subjects did not experience any major problems during use. The investigation also showed that the result of the accessibility test was represented as a high percentage score. However, there are examples indicating that the eService does not comply with all criteria for accessibility at the recommended minimum level AA. Following the proposed improvements, the eService for the construction permit has great potential for achieving a very high level of accessibility, as the eService adheres to accessibility criteria to a large extent even at the higher AAA level.

  • Andersson, Annie
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Motivation i det matematiska klassrummet: Ett elevperspektiv – elevers syn på motivation inom matematikämnet2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Syftet med den här studien var att ta reda på hur elever i grundskolans årskurs 1-3 anser att undervisning inom matematik bör utformas för att skapa motivation. För att besvara studiens frågeställning har en kvalitativ undersökning i form av halvstrukturerade intervjuer genomförts. Resultaten analyserades med hjälp av en fenomenografisk analysmodell som resulterade i ett antal grupper där elevernas tankar kring ämnet organiseras. Sammanställningen av studiens resultat visar att eleverna lägger stor vikt vid faktorer så som uppgifter, klassrumsmiljön och hur läraren agerar när de talar om vad som skapar motivation inom matematikämnet.

  • Kull, Mikaela
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Lärarens återkoppling i samband med matematiska resonemang.: En studie om hur lärares återkoppling bidrar till elevers kreativa matematiska resonemang i samband med problemlösning.2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Denna studie undersöker hur lärares återkoppling kan bidra till att elever för kreativa matematiska resonemang. Fokus för studien var att undersöka hur lärare kan ge processinriktad återkoppling samt en kombinerad återkoppling på både uppgift- och processnivå som bidrar till att elever i årskurs 2 för kreativa matematiska resonemang. Sammanlagt fick fem elevpar och två grupper om tre elever arbeta med problemlösningsuppgifter där de utifrån behov fick återkoppling på processnivå och/eller uppgiftsnivå. Efter genomförandet av undersökningen analyserades vilken typ av återkoppling som tillämpades samt vilket resonemang det bidrog till hos eleverna. Resultatet visade att samtliga elevpar hade förmågan att själva påbörja ett kreativt matematiskt resonemang genom att själva skapa en lösningsmetod. Resultatet visade även att återkoppling på processnivå bidrog till att eleverna utvecklade sitt kreativa matematiska resonemang genom att själva motivera och argumentera för sitt strategival och lösningsförslag. Återkopplingen bidrog även till att eleverna förde kreativa matematiska resonemang vid de tillfällen som undersökaren gav en kombinerad form av återkoppling på både process- och uppgiftsnivå.

  • Bergstrand, Erika
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Hur lärares val av matematikuppgifter möjliggör för imitativa och kreativa resonemang: En innehållsanalys av läroboksuppgifter2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Trots att kritik riktas mot matematikläroböcker för att främst innefatta uppgifter som tränar elevers procedurella kunskaper är elevaktivt arbete i en lärobok vanligt förekommande i matematikundervisningen i Sverige. Lärares urval av läroboksuppgifter som elever får arbeta med kan antingen möjliggöra för imitativa eller kreativa resonemang. En typ av imitativt resonemang är vad Lithner (2008) benämner som algoritmiskt guidat resonemang (GAR) vilket innebär att eleven på något sätt blir guidad till en lösning. Ett kreativt resonemang (KMR) innebär att eleven uppfattar problemet som nytt och genom att skapa egna lösningsmetoder når en lösning. Studien undersöker 9 lärares urval av läroboksuppgifter som sedan analyseras och kategoriseras som antingen GAR eller KMR. Resultatet visar att majoriteten av urvalen innefattar främst GAR-uppgifter men att samtliga lärares urval också innehåller KMR-uppgifter samt en likhet avseende omfattningen av uppgifter i respektive urval. Uppgiftsanalysen visar hur antalet uppgifter som lärare väljer till sina elever kan ge signaler om vad som förväntas av elever avseende vilken hastighet de bör räkna i, samt att läroboksuppgifterna i sig nödvändigtvis inte är vad som bör ifrågasättas. Det arbetssätt som elever ges förutsättning att använda kan vara avgörande för i vilken utsträckning de får möjlighet att tillämpa imitativa och kreativa resonemang.

  • Eriksson, Johanna
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Wiren, Sofia
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Hur man rör någon till tårar: En studie om vilka berättarkomponenter som behövs för att beröra sina tittare2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Denna uppsats undersöker hur man berör en filmpublik till tårar med hjälp av semiotiska

    resurser och multimodala berättarkomponenter. Vilka berättarkomponenter behövs för att

    beröra sin publik på en känslomässig nivå i filmskapande? För att komma fram till ett resultat

    har det utförts en analys av fyra scener ur filmer inom genren science fiction:

    The Prestige,


    , The Hunger Games och Oblivion. Scenernas berättarkomponenter har analyserats och

    sedan studerats genom litteraturstudier för att förstå dess påverkan psykiskt. Resultatet visade

    att tre av dessa filmer innehåller en effektiv teori för känsloförmedling medan en av filmerna

    inte har det.

  • Eriksson, Jonathan
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Ljussättning i film: Hur man kan forma bilden genom ljuset2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Syftet med denna uppsats är att redovisa vad den tidigare forskningen har kommit

    fram till gällande hur man kontrollerar ljuset i film, samt att undersöka hur man

    gör detta i tre olika stillbilder från tre olika filmer. Metoden är en litteraturstudie

    och filmanalys. I uppsatsen så redovisas olika verktyg som går att använda för att

    kontrollera ljusets egenskaper, och på vilket sätt de gör det. Sedan analyserar jag

    hur dessa verktyg påverkar filmljussättningens funktioner synlighet, selektivt

    fokus, illusion av verkligheten, formgivning, känsla, stämning och skönhet.

    Genom denna undersökning så kan man fördjupa sina kunskaper kring ljussättning

    i film.

  • Choudhry, Sujit
    et al.
    Center for Constitutional Transitions.
    Sedelius, Thomas
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Political Science.
    Kyrychenko, Julia
    Center for Policy and Legal Reform.
    Semi-presidentialism and Inclusive Governance in Ukraine: Reflections for Constitutional Reform2018Report (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    This report assesses the ways in which the semi-presidential form of government can be best structured to promote stable, democratic and inclusive governance in Ukraine.

    Constitutional stability in Ukraine has faced four main challenges: (a) recurring institutional conflict among the president, legislature and government; (b) a presidency that has fallen prey to autocratic tendencies; (c) a fragmented and weak party system that has undermined the capacity of the legislature to act coherently; and (d) a weak constitutional culture and a weak Constitutional Court.

    The report presents comparative knowledge from other semi-presidential systems, and reflections on the Ukrainian context, which could benefit a wide range of stakeholders, such as legislators, policy advisors, think tanks and civil society. It is based on an earlier report, Semi-Presidentialism as Power Sharing: Constitutional Reform after the Arab Spring, co-published by International IDEA and the Center for Constitutional Transitions in 2014.

  • Anticoli, Rahel
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Cultural Adaptation of Cancer Campaign Films: A comparison made between beauty commercials; United States ofAmerica and India.2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Uppsatsens syfte är att göra en filmanalys av kampanjfilmer om bröstcancer som var skapade av kosmetiska företag i Indien och U.S.A. I uppsatsen undersöks hur semiotiska resurser var påverkade av kulturen och hur kampanjerna har använt kulturell adaption i marknadsföringssyfte. Jag beskriver en denotation av två filmer från varje land följd utav en konnotation som stödjs av artiklar och böcker om respektive kultur. Avslutningsvis tar jag upp och diskuterar de olika teorierna om hur kulturell adaption kan påverka en människa ur ett marknadsföringsperspektiv. Slutsatsen är att nationalism och appropriation är några av de viktiga elementen i kulturell adaption som förstärker marknadsföring. Dessa element skapar självidentitet och förtrogenhet hos individen som tittar på filmen. Några semiotiska resurser som hade förändrats i kulturell adaption och som hälpte till att skapa de elementen var etnicitet, gester, kläder, miljö, och symboler.

  • Malmborg, Helena
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Lennerbert, Sofia
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Genusljudläggning i reklamfilm: En semiotisk filmanalys om hur genus används inom ljudoch bild2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    I den här uppsatsen genomförs en semiotisk filmanalys av ljud och bild i Dove och Axe’s

    reklamfilmer med en ingång på genus i ljudläggning. Syftet i denna uppsats är att undersöka

    hur ljudläggningen samspelar med bilden för att producera genus i reklamfilm. Uppsatsen

    analyserar reklamfilmerna ur ett genusperspektiv med hjälp av semiotik och ljudteori.

    Avslutningsvis går uppsatsen in på en jämförelse mellan reklamfilm riktad mot en manlig

    målgrupp respektive kvinnlig. Slutsatsen är att genus finns i ljudläggning och att det bidrar till

    hur man uppfattar reklamfilm, samt att det inte läggs mycket fokus på ljudläggning i

    reklamfilm generellt sett. Det visar sig också att reklamfilm riktad mot kvinnor innehåller en

    passiv ljudbild eller sexistisk ljudläggning som fungerar nedvärderande, däremot är

    reklamfilm mot män mer aktiv i ljudläggningen som förstärker manligheten.

  • Kristoffersen, Elin
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Persson, Lukas
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Ett fotsteg i ljudets riktning: Om foley och dess påverkan på filmupplevelsen2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Denna uppsats berör en aspekt inom ljudläggning, närmare bestämt foley. Med fenomenologi

    som teori och metod undersöker vi om foley kan påverka uppfattningen av ett visst fenomen,


    Materialkännedom, Rumsuppfattning och Karaktärsuppfattning. Genom att låta en

    testpublik se tre olika filmer med tre olika ljudläggningar och sedan låta dem besvara enkäter

    till varje film undersökte vi de olika möjligheterna som ges av foley. Det insamlade materialet

    redovisas för att sedan diskuteras i uppsatsens analysavsnitt. Analysavsnittet berör jämförelser

    mellan våra fenomen

    Materialkännedom, Rumsuppfattning och Karaktärsuppfattning,

    respektive fenomens styrkor, svagheter och förslag till fortsatt forskning. Vi har kommit fram

    till att foley har en stor potential att påverka vår filmupplevelse på ett fenomenologiskt plan.

  • Hamberg, Jesper
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Eriksson, Olof
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Moving Image Production.
    Säkerhet och Hip-hop: En undersökning av målgruppstänkande i Mercedes-Benz reklamfilmer2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Syftet med den här studien var att undersöka hur semiotiska resurser används i

    reklamfilm för att kommunicera till olika målgrupper. I uppsatsen har två

    reklamfilmer från Mercedes-Benz med två olika målgrupper analyserats. Metoden

    som har använts i uppsatsen är en jämförande filmanalys. I analysen så har vi valt

    att lägga tyngd på fem olika semiotiska resurser: rörelse i bild, klippning, färg samt

    ljud och musik. Vi har sedan jämfört analyserna för att se hur Mercedes-Benz har

    använt sig av semiotiska resurser för att nå filmernas primära målgrupp. Resultatet

    visade att det fanns en hel del olikheter mellan dessa filmer. Bland annat var

    reklamfilmen för den äldre målgruppen kontinuerligt klippt, medan reklamfilmen

    för den yngre målgruppen var diskontinuerligt klippt. I reklamfilmen för den yngre

    målgruppen, hade dessutom musiken och färgen en mer betydande roll än i

    reklamfilmen för den äldre målgruppen. Resultatet visade också att det finns flera

    likheter mellan dessa filmer, såsom vissa kamerarörelser och filmernas


  • Sundberg, Rikard
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Matematiklärares användning av digital teknik och dynamisk programvara i grundskolan: Möjligheter och hinder för användandet i undervisningen2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Studien undersöker vilka digitala resurser som matematiklärare använder i matematikundervisningen i grundskolan, möjligheter samt hinder. Då digitala resurser kan nyttjas på olika nivåer analyseras även vilken nivå som undervisningen ligger på. Fokus har varit att identifiera lärare som använder dynamiska programvaror och/eller digital teknik. Studien är en fallstudie, genomförd genom en inledande enkät för att identifiera lärare att intervjua. Efter intervjuer har de aktiviteter som lärare anger att de använder digitala resurser till eller ser möjligheter i analyserats för att se på vilken nivå de kan anses utveckla och förnya undervisningen. Studien visar att lärare i vissa fall använder digitala resurser i form av dynamisk programvara på en hög nivå, men att flertalet aktiviteter har potential att utvecklas. Utbildning av lärare i användandet av dynamisk programvara är en framgångsfaktor och krävs för att matematiklärare ska nå högre nivå på undervisningen.

  • Danielsson, Sandra
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Tredjespråksinlärning i åk 4-6: Flerspråkiga elever i ett EFL klassrum2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    I dagens mångkulturella skola möter vi flertalet barn med ett annat modersmål än svenska. Eleverna har kommit till landet av många olika anledningar och har alla olika erfarenheter med sig. Forskning har börjat uppmärksamma hur man framgångsrikt kan arbeta med språkinlärning hos flerspråkiga elever utifrån deras förutsättningar och kunskaper. Ett dilemma många lärare stöter på är dock undervisningen av engelska då två språk lärs in samtidigt, vilket i sin tur kan skapa sammanblandningar mellan språken. Detta examensarbete undersöker och redogör för lärares attityder och inställning till flerspråkiga elevers inlärning i ämnet engelska men också hur flerspråkiga elever uppfattar sin engelskundervisning. Datainsamlingen har genomförts genom enskilda intervjuer med sju elever från tre olika klasser samt ett frågeformulär som delats via internet för att nå ett stort antal undervisande lärare i engelska. Resultatet analyserades och jämfördes med två teorier, tidigare forskning samt med stöd i läroplanen. Resultatet visar att lärare generellt saknar kunskaper och resurser för att kunna erbjuda flerspråkiga elever den bästa undervisningsformen. Flertalet av eleverna upplever dock att engelska är spännande och roligt samt uppskattar att lära sig två språk samtidigt. Det framkommer även att många lärare har uppfattningen att flerspråkiga elever har svårigheter vid inlärningen av två språk. Vidare forskning i ämnet vore att undersöka fenomenet i ett större perspektiv, att jämföra flerspråkiga klassrum i Sverige med andra länder för att synliggöra var svenska klassrum befinner sig i den internationella utvecklingen.

  • Eriksson, Evelina
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Religious Studies.
    Socialarbetares möjligheter att stödja sexförsäljare: En intervjustudie och diskursiv analys av hur tre socialarbetare uppfattar att sexköpslagen och de yrkesetiska principerna för socialarbetare påverkar deras möjligheter att stödja sexförsäljare2017Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    The purpose of this study is to examine social workers’ discourses about the Swedish sex purchase law and how they perceive that the sex purchase law and the social workers’ professional ethical principles affect the social workers’ ability to support people who are selling sex.

    This study is a discourse analytical interview study based on a social constructionist perspective. The study focuses on analyzing the interviews based upon an inductive method. The interviews are qualitative and semi-structured.

    The interviews were conducted by interviews with three social workers with experiences of working with people who sell sex. The central focus of the study is to analyze the social workers’ statements that are regarded as their perceptions. The statements serve as arguments that answers the purpose questions.

    The results show that the interviewed social workers perceive that the sex purchase laws do affect the social workers’ ability to support people who sell sex. On the other hand, they show disagreement on whether the social workers’ professional ethical principles affected the social workers’ ability to support people who sell sex.

  • Mattsson Kershaw, Anneli
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, English.
    Academic English in CLIL-programs: Classroom practices that promote or hinder proficiency inacademic English vocabulary2017Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    English CLIL-instruction in Sweden is supposed to be beneficial to students who want to

    improve their academic English vocabulary proficiency in preparation for studies or

    employment abroad. However, recent research shows that there is no difference in academic

    English proficiency between students in upper secondary school CLIL-programs and students

    in regular upper secondary schools in Sweden. Furthermore, educational researchers question

    if CLIL-programs in Sweden qualify to be defined as CLIL-instruction since Swedish

    translanguaging is extensively used which does not make the programs 100% Englishmedium

    instruction. Through teacher observations and questionnaires, this study investigates

    the classroom practices at a CLIL-program in Sweden in addition to ask the CLIL-teachers


    their teaching strategies in regards to promoting students’ acquisition, development, and

    use of academic English. The findings include that the classroom practices are in accordance

    with practices considered beneficial to students’ proficiency in academi

    c English by

    numerous previous studies. In addition, all the teachers questioned in this study purposely

    work to support and develop students’ academic language proficiency in their respective

    subject areas and across the curriculum. The study also found four possible factors that

    perhaps can undermine the acquisition, development and use of academic English vocabulary

    and those include the following: First, the teachers believe that the students are already

    sufficiently fluent in academic English, and thus concentrate more on content than on

    language in their instruction. Secondly, extensive translanguaging in the classroom is

    common in addition to the students’ habit of speaking Swedish to each other in stude


    communication. Thirdly, the students do not receive the corresponding level of

    education in their native language of Swedish as they do in English, which can have

    detrimental effects on their abilities to develop their English past their Swedish language

    abilities. Finally, classroom practices that are not inclusive of all students can work to

    undermine the acquisition and use of academic English vocabulary.

  • Lüdecke, Daniel
    et al.
    Bien, Barbara
    McKee, Kevin
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Social Work.
    Krevers, Barbro
    Mestheneos, Elizabeth
    Di Rosa, Mirko
    von dem Knesebeck, Olaf
    Kofahl, Christopher
    For better or worse: Factors predicting outcomes of family care of older people over a one-year period. A six-country European study2018In: PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, E-ISSN 1932-6203, Vol. 13, no 4, article id e0195294Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    OBJECTIVES: Demographic change has led to an increase of older people in need of long-term care in nearly all European countries. Informal carers primarily provide the care and support needed by dependent people. The supply and willingness of individuals to act as carers are critical to sustain informal care resources as part of the home health care provision. This paper describes a longitudinal study of informal care in six European countries and reports analyses that determine those factors predicting the outcomes of family care over a one-year period.

    METHODS: Analyses are based on data from the EUROFAMCARE project, a longitudinal survey study of family carers of older people with baseline data collection in 2004 and follow-up data collection a year later in six European countries (Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom), N = 3,348. Descriptive statistics of the sample characteristics are reported. Binary logistic random-intercept regressions were computed, predicting the outcome of change of the care dyad's status at follow-up.

    RESULTS: Where care is provided by a more distant family member or by a friend or neighbour, the care-recipient is significantly more likely to be cared for by someone else (OR 1.62) or to be in residential care (OR 3.37) after one year. The same holds true if the care-recipient has memory problems with a dementia diagnosis (OR 1.79/OR 1.84). Higher dependency (OR 1.22) and behavioural problems (OR 1.76) in the care-recipient also lead to a change of care dyad status. Country of residence explained a relatively small amount of variance (8%) in whether a care-recipient was cared for by someone else after one year, but explained a substantial amount of variance (52%) in whether a care-recipient was in residential care. Particularly in Sweden, care-recipients are much more likely to be cared for by another family or professional carer or to be in residential care, whereas in Greece the status of the care dyad is much less likely to change.

    DISCUSSION: The majority of family carers continued to provide care to their respective older relatives over a one-year period, despite often high levels of functional, cognitive and behavioural problems in the care-recipient. Those family carers could benefit most from appropriate support. The carer/care-recipient relationship plays an important role in whether or not a family care dyad remains intact over a one-year period. The support of health and social care services should be particularly targeted toward those care dyads where there is no partner or spouse acting as carer, or no extended family network that might absorb the caring role when required. Distant relatives, friends or acquaintances who are acting as carers might need substantial intervention if their caregiving role is to be maintained.

  • Kardakis, Therese
    et al.
    Jerdén, Lars
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Medical Science. Umeå universitet; CFD Dalarna.
    Nyström, Monica E
    Weinehall, Lars
    Johansson, Helene
    Implementation of clinical practice guidelines on lifestyle interventions in Swedish primary healthcare - a two-year follow up.2018In: BMC Health Services Research, ISSN 1472-6963, E-ISSN 1472-6963, Vol. 18, no 1, article id 227Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    BACKGROUND: Implementation of interventions concerning prevention and health promotion in health care has faced particular challenges resulting in a low frequency and quality of these services. In November 2011, the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare released national clinical practice guidelines to counteract patients' unhealthy lifestyle habits. Drawing on the results of a previous study as a point of departure, the aim of this two-year follow up was to assess the progress of work with lifestyle interventions in primary healthcare as well as the uptake and usage of the new guidelines on lifestyle interventions in clinical practice.

    METHODS: Longitudinal study among health professionals with survey at baseline and 2 years later. Development over time and differences between professional groups were calculated with Pearson chi-square test.

    RESULTS: Eighteen percent of the physicians reported to use the clinical practice guidelines, compared to 58% of the nurses. Nurses were also more likely to consider them as a support in their work than physicians did. Over time, health professionals usage of methods to change patients' tobacco habits and hazardous use of alcohol had increased, and the nurses worked to a higher extent than before with all four lifestyles. Knowledge on methods for lifestyle change was generally high; however, there was room for improvement concerning methods on alcohol, unhealthy eating and counselling. Forty-one percent reported to possess thorough knowledge of counselling skills.

    CONCLUSIONS: Even if the uptake and usage of the CPGs on lifestyle interventions so far is low, the participants reported more frequent counselling on patients' lifestyle changes concerning use of tobacco and hazardous use of alcohol. However, these findings should be evaluated acknowledging the possibility of selection bias in favour of health promotion and lifestyle guidance, and the loss of one study site in the follow up. Furthermore, this study indicates important differences in physicians and nurses' attitudes to and use of the guidelines, where the nurses reported working to a higher extent with all four lifestyles compared to the first study. These findings suggest further investigations on the implementation process in clinical practice, and the physicians' uptake and use of the CPGs.

  • Malmberg, Emilia
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, English.
    Levelling Up: A study on gamification and feedback use by Englishteachers in Swedish upper secondary school2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Gamification is a topic that most people assume has something to do with playing video games in the classroom. The aim of this thesis is to discuss how Swedish EFL teachers work with feedback in upper secondary school, what they know about gamification and how gamification and feedback might be related. Four teachers participated in the semi-structured interviews. The results showed that teachers work with formative assessment to a great extent during the year and more with summative feedback at the end. Firstly, the feedback that the teachers gave pupils was both in written and oral production and the feedback itself could also be written and spoken. Secondly, the study showed that gamification and feedback might be related because they can both increase motivation and language development. Finally, the teachers did not know much about gamification, but the study showed that the idea of gamification was being used by teachers. The most commonly used gamified tools used by these teachers were online programs, feedback and rewards.

  • Svensson, Maria
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, English.
    Extramural Gaming and English Language Proficiency: The potential benefits of extramural gaming as a tool for learning English2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Today the majority of children and teenagers in many countries spend a great deal of time doing extramural English activities, where playing games is included. It is therefore important to study how extramural English activities affect students’ proficiency. This thesis aims to investigate how games as an extramural activity, and extramural English activities in general could benefit upper secondary EFL and ESL students’ English language proficiency. The method used was that of a systematic literature review where six studies from varying places and with participants of varying ages and levels of education were analyzed and compared. The results show that five of the articles found a positive correlation between time spent on extramural English activities and English grades and/or vocabulary, while on study showed that there was no correlation between time spent on extramural English activities and development of academic vocabulary in students who had already reached a high level of proficiency. More research is needed in the field, particularly studies establishing causation rather than just correlation, longitudinal studies, as well as studies investigating whether gender is an important factor affecting the potential benefits of extramural English activities.

  • Karlsson, Fredrik
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, Religious Studies.
    Szatek, Elsa
    Stockholms universitet.
    Helandet i sårbarheten2017In: DRAMA: Nordisk dramapedagogisk tidsskrift, ISSN 0332-5296, no 1, p. 6p. 12-17Article in journal (Other (popular science, discussion, etc.))
  • Helgesson, Joy
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    English in the digital era: Swedish grades 4-6 teachers’ use of pupil’s extramural English experience of new media2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Technology advances at a fast rate and pupils encounter a larger amount of English outside school than they do in the EFL classroom. In addition, an update to the Swedish curriculum (LGR 11), that concerns digitalization takes effect in July this year (2018). That is why this thesis aims to explore Swedish EFL teachers’ use of pupils’ extramural (out-of-school) English experience of new media in the EFL classroom. New media is a means of mass communication, a product or service that provides entertainment or information through a computer or the Internet. New media is generally created by the users and for this thesis, relevant new media are social media, social networks sites, online streaming, fan sites and gaming. The results of this study show that about two-thirds of the 27 teachers surveyed in this study have used new media in their English teaching sometime in the last two years. Most of the teachers use it because they are interested in new media, to catch the attention of the pupils or because they find the content of new media useful for their teaching. One-third of the teachers did not use new media and reported that they did not have sufficient knowledge on how to use new media in their English teaching. The results also show that even though new media is used by many of these teachers, the use of it is basic and few reflections are made during the use of new media. Further research about why teachers lack knowledge and how the use of new media can be extended would arguably give a better understanding of teachers’ use of pupils’ extramural English experience of new media.

  • Wallin, Elisabeth
    Dalarna University, School of Technology and Business Studies, Energy Technology. SLU.
    From growth cessation to bud burst: conifer seedling development in response to nursery culture and environmental stimuli2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    In Sweden, 350-400 million seedlings are produced annually for forest regeneration. About one third of these are overwintered in frozen storage, necessitating accurate methods to assess storability. Young transplants of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) intended for short-term frozen storage were considered storable before reaching target levels for safe storage using shoot dry matter content, freezing tolerance and the molecular test ColdNSure™. Results also indicated that using shoot dry matter content for storability assessment can be misleading, not only for Norway spruce but also for Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris (L.)). Post-storage vitality can easily and rapidly be determined by measuring the electrolyte leakage from shoots (SEL) of pine and spruce seedlings. SEL and regrowth tests showed that the vitality of young transplants decreased when the time in storage was prolonged from 3-4 to 5-7 months. Short-day (SD) treatment of seedlings shortens the time for dormancy induction and makes seedlings storable at an earlier date. The activity level of dormancy related genes, and genes associated with freezing tolerance reflects the effect of different treatments e.g., the importance of combining longer periods of SD treatment (21-28 days) with low temperature exposure to rapidly obtain storable seedlings. Gene expression profiles have the potential to be used for assessment of seedling dormancy status, predict the development of freezing tolerance, bud set, the risk for a second bud flush in autumn and the timing of bud burst in spring. The interest in Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) has increased in Sweden. Frost risks in spring make bud burst timing important when selecting suitable provenances of Douglas-fir for planting. A field trial and a greenhouse study showed the same pattern concerning time of bud burst for a number of Douglas-fir provenances, indicating that greenhouse screening tests can be used for provenance selection. Considering bud burst patterns together with previously reported winter hardening characteristics the interior provenance Three Valley would have a good chance of successful field establishment in southern Sweden.

  • Larsson, Beatrice
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Att undervisa och bedöma utan konkreta mål: Om kunskapskravens betydelse för lärares motivation i engelskämnet åk. 1–32018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Idag talar flera forskare och lärarutbildare om vikten av att tydliggöra mål och riktlinjer för ökad motivation och lärande hos eleverna. Detta examensarbete kom till av att forskningen ställdes i kontrast till det faktum att engelskämnet i årkurs 1–3 inte har några formulerade kunskapskrav. Syftet med examensarbetet kom att inta ett lärarperspektiv utifrån frågan om, och i så fall hur, bristen på kunskapskrav påverkar synen på engelskämnet och i förlängningen också den ansträngning lärare lägger på ämnet. Detta undersöktes genom en enkät med över 70 deltagare och tre djupare intervjuer med olika lärare som undervisar engelska i Sverige. Materialet analyserades och diskuterades utifrån ett sociokulturellt perspektiv, samt Ford (1992) och Banduras (1994) teorier kring motivation och

    self-efficacy. Resultatet visade en enlighet bland lärare om att kunskapskrav behöver införas för att ge eleverna möjligheten till en rättvis bedömning och likvärdig utbildning. Undersökningen fann att lärares motivation för att bedöma kunskaper i engelska påverkas av att de inte har några tydliga riktlinjer för vad som ska bedömas. Studien kunde också utläsa att vissa lärare upplever en bristande motivation för att undervisa och bedöma engelska till följd av för få timmar i timplanen. Resultaten i detta examensarbete kan ha betydelse för forskning om lärares attityder och motivationsfaktorer.

  • Torres Löndahl, Sara
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, English.
    Recalling Trauma: The Freudian Levels of Consciousness in The New York Trilogy 2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
  • Rexstedt, Galina
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, English.
    Computer-assisted collaborative process writing inthe EFL classroom: A literature review on the use of blogs and wikis in EFLclassrooms2017Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Web 2.0 technologies are increasing in popularity, offering huge possibilities, but also bringing new challenges to language learning classes. In the context of ESL and EFL teaching and learning Web 2.0 technologies, specifically blogs and wikis can be used for teaching collaborative process writing. This study investigates previous research on the use of blogs and wikis as tools for collaborative process writing in the context of ESL/EFL classrooms and identifies the advantages and disadvantages of using blogs and wikis for this purpose as well as tries to investigate how their use in ESL/EFL can be organized. The findings show that there are a number of advantages that speak for using blogs and wikis in ESL/EFL teaching and learning. However, there are also disadvantages that can interfere the successful use of blogs and wikis for collaborative process writing. As to possible ways of using blogs and wikis within ESL/EFL context, effective examples of group and pair work were identified.

  • Olhans, Ida
    Dalarna University, School of Humanities and Media Studies, English.
    Movies to enhance listening comprehension in theEFL classroom2017Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Movies are an occurring feature in EFL classrooms in Sweden, as well as exercises seeking to

    practice listening comprehension, although, there are few studies which combine the two

    together. The aim for this literature review was to analyse the use of film for listening

    comprehension development in EFL classrooms. The results show that movies can help

    students reach higher levels of listening because students felt more motivated and they became

    more active. The results also show further that teachers can help students reach higher levels of

    listening comprehension by using various features such as pauses, activities before, during and

    after the movie etc. The results also show that listening comprehension is a somewhat “take


    for granted skill” which needs to be researched more about, specifically the importance of

    listening comprehension in the context of the other skills.

  • Oskarsson, Marie
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Approaches to English literature in the uppersecondary school classroom: A study from an EFL/ESL perspective2017Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    This is a qualitative study about how literature is used in the subject of English as a foreign language (EFL) or English as a second language (ESL) in the upper secondary school classroom. The study specifically focuses on what goals and activities are ascribed to the use of literature in the English language classroom. Literature has been used in the Swedish language classroom for decades but there is still an uncertainty as to how literature can and could be used. The aim for this thesis was to achieve an understanding of teacher’s choices when it came to goals and activities linked to the EFL/ESL classroom. This is a literature review where primary sources have been analyzed using critical literacy and cultural theory to specify the different authors stand-point about the use of literature. Background information also provides a basis for the analysis where authors dedicated to the use of literature in the language classroom discuss and describe general concepts and ideas of how literature is used and could or should be used. The study showed that depending on the teacher’s goals with literature different methods and activities are linked to the lessons. Critical literacy and cultural theoryhelped develop an understanding of the thoughts and ideas underpinning the concepts of the primary sources, whether it was about altering students’ behavior or fostering democratic and empathetic citizens. The results showed that literature is used in a variety of ways, but at times the student-oriented goals and activities are unclear. This calls for further research on the area of using literature in the EFL/ESL classroom.

  • Kristiansson, Jenny
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Anknytning i förskolan: Åtta pedagogers arbete att skapa trygga barn i förskolan2018Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Syftet med studien är att bidra med kunskap om hur några förskollärare och

    barnskötare i förskolan arbetar med att etablera en anknytningsrelation med barnen.

    Vidare vilka olika aspekter som kan påverka anknytningen samt vilken eventuell

    påverkan en trygg respektive otrygg anknytning kan ha för pedagogernas arbete med

    de strävansmål som skrivs fram i förskolans läroplan.

    Åtta pedagoger har deltagit i studien och metoden som har använts är

    semistrukturerade intervjuer som har genomförts vid personliga möten samt

    intervjuer via mail.

    Pedagogerna har beskrivit hur de arbetar med att etablera en anknytningsrelation

    med barnen på förskolan. Studiens resultat visar att detta arbete börjar redan vid

    inskolning och att föräldrarnas inställning till verksamheten och personalen har en

    betydande roll. Den trygghet som barnet känner för verksamheten och personalen

    grundar sig i hur väl anknytningsrelationen har blivit etablerad mellan barnet och

    förskolans personal.

    Studien har visat att ett barns lärande och förmåga att våga leka hämmas om det inte

    finns en sekundär anknytningsperson till barnet. Den trygghet som anknytningen

    medför har en avgörande roll för barnets möjligheter att leka och lära när barnet

    befinner sig på förskolan.

  • Karlsson, Emelie
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Literature in the EFL Classroom: Teachers’ attitudes on the use of literature in the EFL classroom for grades 4-6.2018Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    English is an important language since the world is becoming more interconnected and it is central to motivate Swedish pupils to study language. The Swedish Agency for Education states that motivation and learning increase when pupils access a living language and that teacher therefore should use authentic material. Yet, teachers of the English subject still rely a lot on textbooks. The aim of this study is to highlight the use of literature in the EFL classroom for grades 4-6, and to investigate teachers’ attitudes to the use of literature and also examine how they use literature and what they want to achieve by that use. To answer those questions an empirical study was conducted through interviews and a questionnaire. The main findings of this study are that teachers have a positive attitude towards using literature with their pupils and wants to use it more than they currently do. The main reason teachers use literature is to increase the pupils’ vocabulary and help them learn grammatical patterns as well as increasing their motivation. The most commonly used method is reading aloud. However, there are some hindrances for using literature such as the poor availability of English literature in schools.

  • Brorsson, Anna Lena
    Karolinska institutet.
    Diabetes during childhood and adolescence: studies of insulin treatment, patient-reported outcomes, and evaluation of an empowerment-based education2017Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    There is a lack of studies demonstrating positive effects on glycaemic control and HRQoL in children and adolescents starting CSII treatment. Guidelines recommend measuring perceived HRQoL routinely. It is important to have questionnaires, not overly comprehensive or timeconsuming, to measure HRQoL in children and adolescents as well as their parents. Structured and person-centred education has been emphasized as a key to successful selfmanagement. Guided Self-Determination-Young (GSD-Y) is a person-centred communication and reflection method. The overall aim of this thesis was to increase the knowledge regarding glycaemic control, type of treatment, HRQoL, and a theory-based education among youth with type 1 diabetes.

    Study I was a retrospective case-control study comparing children and adolescents starting CSII (n=216), with a control group treated with MDI (n=215). Children and adolescents who had started CSII showed improvement in glycaemic control, measured as HbA1c, during the first six months. For boys, this improvement could be identified throughout the first year.

    In Study II, 197 parents and their children with type 1 diabetes completed the proxy and child versions of the questionnaires Check your Health and DISABKIDS to test the psychometric properties of Check your Health by proxy. The test of the reliability and validity of this questionnaire showed acceptable psychometric properties.

    Study III, an RCT evaluating a GSD-Y education, included 71 adolescents starting CSII and their parents. The intervention group (n=37) attended seven group education sessions, lasting for about two hours each, using the GSD-Y method. The participants were followed for six months. The GSD-Y method showed a positive effect on glycaemic control, especially for participants with an HbA1c above 63 mmol/mol (n=48) at inclusion (p= 0.037); furthermore, readiness to change increased (p=0.037). A correlation was identified between HbA1c and goal achievement (rs=-0.475, p=0.001), and readiness to change (rs=-0.487, p=0.001).

    In Study IV, 13 adolescents were interviewed after the intervention with GSD-Y. From the qualitative analysis, two categories emerged: the importance of context, and growing in power through the group process. An overarching theme that emerged from the interviews was the importance of expert and referent power in growing awareness of the importance of self-management, as well as mitigating the loneliness of diabetes. Further, the findings showed that it is valuable for adolescents to meet other young people in the same situation, and to share their experiences from living with diabetes.

    In conclusion the four studies showed, treatment with CSII may initially result in improved HbA1c. Group education with the GSD-Y method, for adolescents and their parents, has the potential to further improve HbA1c, mitigate the loneliness of diabetes, and contribute to conscious reflection about self-management. The Check your Health questionnaire by proxy has shown acceptable psychometric characteristics, and may be useful in both studies and clinical settings.

  • Gustavsson, Catharina
    et al.
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Medical Science. Center for Clinical Research Dalarna; Mälardalens högskola; Uppsala universitet.
    Nordqvist, Maria
    Bröms, Kristina
    Jerdén, Lars
    Kallings, Lena V
    Wallin, Lars
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Caring Science/Nursing. Karolinska institutet; Göteborgs universitet.
    What is required to facilitate implementation of Swedish physical activity on prescription? - interview study with primary healthcare staff and management2018In: BMC Health Services Research, ISSN 1472-6963, E-ISSN 1472-6963, Vol. 18, no 1, article id 196Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    BACKGROUND: The method, Swedish Physical Activity on Prescription (SPAP), has been launched in Swedish healthcare to promote physical activity for prevention and treatment of lifestyle related health disorders. Despite scientific support for the method, and education campaigns, it is used to a limited extent by health professionals. The aim of the study was to describe the views of health professionals on perceived facilitators, barriers and requirements for successful implementation of SPAP in primary healthcare.

    METHODS: Eighteen semi-structured interviews with stakeholders in SPAP, i.e. ten people working in local or central management and eight primary healthcare professionals in two regional healthcare organisations, were analysed using qualitative content analysis.

    RESULTS: We identified an overarching theme regarding requirements for successful implementation of SPAP: Need for knowledge and organisational support, comprising four main categories: Need for increased knowledge and affirmative attitude among health professionals; Need for clear and supportive management; Need for central supporting structures; Need for local supporting structures. Knowledge of the SPAP method content and core components was limited. Confidence in the method varied among health professionals. There was a discrepancy between the central organisation policy documents declaring that disease preventive methods were prioritised and a mandatory assignment, while the health professionals asked for increased interest, support and resources from management, primarily time and supporting structures. There were somewhat conflicting views between primary healthcare professionals and managers concerning perceived barriers and requirements. In contrast to some of the management's beliefs, all primary healthcare professionals undisputedly acknowledged the importance of promoting physical activity, but they lacked time, written routines and in some cases competence for SPAP counselling.

    CONCLUSION: The study provides knowledge regarding requirements to facilitate the implementation of SPAP in healthcare. There was limited knowledge among health professionals regarding core components of SPAP and how to practise the method, which speaks for in-depth training in the SPAP method. The findings highlight the importance of forming policies and guidelines and establishing organisational supporting structures, and ensuring that these are well known and approved in all parts of the healthcare organisation.

  • Medén, Sandra
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Educational Work.
    Laborationen i gymnasieskolans biologikurser: En kvalitativ intervjustudie om lärares uppfattningar av syftet med det laborativa arbetet2018Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Syftet med denna kvalitativa intervjustudie var att undersöka lärares syfte med laborativt arbete i gymnasiets biologiundervisning, hur de beskrev att de arbetade laborativt samt hur de beskriver att det teoretiska innehållet hänger ihop med det laborativa arbetet. Undersökningen gjordes genom sex halvstrukturerade intervjuer.

    Lärarna beskrev varierande sätt att arbeta laborativt i gymnasiets biologikurser och uttrycker att det finns stora möjligheter till olika typer av laborationer med utgångspunkt i kursplanernas centrala innehåll. Lärarna uttrycker att ett av deras primära syften med laborativt arbetet är att laborationen ska fungera som ett komplement till teorin genom att belysa den ur andra perspektiv. En svårighet med att realisera syftet i klassrummet är att hitta laborationer som gör detta på ett bra sätt, utan att exempelvis bli en förenkling av verkligheten. Några av lärarna beskriver också att eleverna har svårt att själva se kopplingen mellan teoretiskt innehåll och laboration. Där anser dessa lärare att de har en viktig roll i att hjälpa eleverna att se dessa samband.

  • Bogren, Malin
    et al.
    Sathyanarayanan, Doraiswamy
    Erlandsson, Kerstin
    Dalarna University, School of Education, Health and Social Studies, Caring Science/Nursing.
    Akhter, Halima
    Akter, Dalia
    Begum, Momtaz
    Chowdhury, Merry
    Das, Lucky
    Akter, Rehana
    Khatun, Yamin Ara
    Development of a context specific accreditation assessment tool for affirming quality midwifery education in Bangladesh2018In: Midwifery, ISSN 0266-6138, E-ISSN 1532-3099, Vol. 61, p. 74-80Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    OBJECTIVE: using the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) Global Standards for Midwifery Education as a conceptual framework, the aim of this study was to explore and describe important 'must haves' for inclusion in a context-specific accreditation assessment tool in Bangladesh.

    DESIGN: A questionnaire study was conducted using a Likert rating scale and 111 closed-response single items on adherence to accreditation-related statements, ending with an open-ended question. The ICM Global Standards guided data collection, deductive content analysis and description of the quantitative results.

    SETTING: twenty-five public institutes/colleges (out of 38 in Bangladesh), covering seven out of eight geographical divisions in the country.

    PARTICIPANTS: one hundred and twenty-three nursing educators teaching the 3-year diploma midwifery education programme.

    FINDINGS: this study provides insight into the development of a context-specific accreditation assessment tool for Bangladesh. Important components to be included in this accreditation tool are presented under the following categories and domains: 'organization and administration', 'midwifery faculty', 'student body', 'curriculum content', 'resources, facilities and services' and 'assessment strategies'. The identified components were a prerequisite to ensure that midwifery students achieve the intended learning outcomes of the midwifery curriculum, and hence contribute to a strong midwifery workforce. The components further ensure well-prepared teachers and a standardized curriculum supported at policy level to enable effective deployment of professional midwives in the existing health system.

    KEY CONCLUSIONS: as part of developing an accreditation assessment tool, it is imperative to build ownership and capacity when translating the ICM Global Standards for Midwifery Education into the national context.

    IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE: this initiative can be used as lessons learned from Bangladesh to develop a context-specific accreditation assessment tool in line with national priorities, supporting the development of national policies.